Questions sent to other countries

class work in groups

1 - What are the most practised sports in your country and who are the most famous sportsmen (which modality, what have they done)?

2 - What is the typical music of your country? Who are the well-known artists? What kind of music are teenagers interested in?

3 - How is your school year organized? When are your holidays?

4 - What are the most important holidays in your country? When? Why? How do you celebrate them?

5 - What's the architecture like in your country - in the urban the rural areas...what kind of material is mostly used?

6 - What is the staple diet in your country? What are the typical dishes? What are they made of? Is there a special occasion to eat them?

7 - If I visited your country where would you take me and why?

8 - If you were given the means where would you choose to live in your country and why?

9 - What are the most common languages spoken by the majority of the population?

10 - What do you love most and what do you hate most about your country?